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Owl_from_Richard_(600x800)StarYearly Predictions  Learn what is in store for you this coming year!  Take home report $80 with 1 Half hour reading  $100.

Mary Van Hummel


I have had a life-long love affair with astrology. Finally in 1997 I decided to do it seriously and started classes at the ‘Brisbane School of Astrology’ with Babula Clement and received my certificate in 1998.


Over the years I have attended numerous workshops with renowned astrologers such as: Robert Hand (History&Astrology0, Alan Oken (Chart Analysis) , Adrian Ross Duncan (Chart Interpretation), Philip Sedgwick, Michael Lutin (Moons Nodes),Gloria Star(Astrology, Women & Power) Kim Rogers Gallagher (transits), Maggie Kerr (astrology and psychology, relationships), Roderick Kidston (Asteroids), Lynda Hill (Sabian Symbols), Carol Starr (relationships) Anne Elliot (predictive and mundane astrology) Frank Coughlin (counseling during chart analysis) to name just a few. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology at Griffith University.


I have been doing Astrology readings & charts professionally on a daily basis since 1997 and was on the committee for the Queensland Federation of Astrologers. 



Astrology Chart - $80includes 15min explanation $100 with an extra 1/2hour reading.

Learn your talents destiny and events in your life.

One Hour Reading and Tarot - $60

One Half Hour Reading and Tarot -$40

Transit Chart- $60 Shows in detail, what is happening for you in this year and gives you advice as to how you might choose to react.

"You do not have to understand Astrology terms in order to read your chart."

With 10 planets, 12 signs of the zodiac and 12 houses the are approximately 1500 simple combinations in the horoscope, and when you add to that the different degrees and combinations between planets there are tens of thousands of influences which have to be weighed and juggled in any astrological interpretation. No computer program can do this satisfactorily. This is why I include a short personal reading with each chart.


  •  My hope is that with this chart you will be able to make the best out of you life and your talents.
  •  How you relate to others e.g. family, friends, lover, and workmates.
  • Your chart might help you understand why you do the things you do!

StarWhat you need to supply for comprehensive and accurate Natal Astrology Chart:

Name: It does not have to be your birth name unless you prefer it to be.

Date of Birth: e.g. 12. 8. 1997

Place of Birth: e.g. Brisbane, Australia. If you were born in an obscure town which may not be on a map, pick the closest big town to it.

Time of Birth: e.g. 4:20 am. I suggest you ask your mum or dad or other relativeor friend that might know. Check your you baby book or hospital braclet or contact the hospital at which you were born. If no one has any idea the birth time may be worked out by the events of your life but will be and added expense.
N.B. I have discovered a website that has birth records dating back to 1947. It has records formally thought of as lost or destroyed. It is www.findandconnect.gov.au 

 I am able to do a NATAL CHART & do not need the birth time for a reading!

A tarot reading is also included in the reading if you choose to have one.




This program is designed to simplify this process. It indicates for example the relative strengths of different planetary influences to help the reader’s judgment. Furthermore this written report is divided up into sections on identity, emotions, mentality, love and sexuality to eliminate apparent contradictory traits. Diametrically opposed character descriptions will either reflect inner dilemmas or outer conflicts reflected in the behavior of others.




Each interpretation can be divided into two main sections: the professional and the personal. The professional section addresses the questions: “What talents do I have?” and “How can I improve myself in this area?”

StarDynamic/Transit Chart Shows what is happening for you for the next 12 months of this year!

  • Basic print out $60 with 15min reading!
  • Delux Personalized & emailable! $80!
  • Delux Plus with 1/2 hour reading $100.
  • Platinum Delux Plus with1 hour reading$140



Available is  a dynamic module, which goes beyond a static analysis of personal character. You are able to see how the transiting planets are affecting you within a 1-2 year period. So if you are interested to know what may be happening in your life at this moment, how long it will last and how best to coup, the dynamic module is for you.

I am able to do a dynamic module starting in January of any given year for a period of up to 2 years.

 Children’s Chart - $45 
Child_ZodiacHelps you understand your child and guide 
your child towards their talents.

The Zodiac Child report has been written to act as a guide for parents and mentors of children. All parents want the best for their children. We want our children to live happy and fulfilled lives. All mentors and teachers would like to see children reach their full potential. This can be achieved by recognizing and accepting each child's individual gifts and weaknesses. In accepting these traits, we can help our children overcome obstacles and provide them with as many opportunities as possible to develop their talents.

The journey from babyhood to adulthood is full of joys and challenges. This report is intended to help parents and mentors to support and encourage their children through the difficult times and to provide them with as much love and joy as possible.

The report, averages 12 pages, includes easy-to-understand text and beautiful graphics. The text has been written by astrologer and journalist Stephanie Johnson and the artwork created by children's book artist Janet Bridgland.

The report is in six sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Family and Friends
  3. Talents and Schooling
  4. Goals
  5. Childhood Journey
  6. Conclusion

 THE Imperial Astrologer - $30Imperial_Astrology

What is your basic nature according to Chinese Astrology?

This exciting new report incorporates the mode, element and animal energies of you hour, day, month and year.

What is your destiny in this life?

The Imperial Astrologer tells you your fate according to the ancient Chinese mater Tzu Wei with interpretation text for each of your fate palaces, Noy you can know your own area of Property, Fortune, Marital, Wealth and more...

Is this a lucky day?

The Imperial Astrologer you can read whether or not it is a good day for weddings or travel, or make big plans or small steps and more...

* Four Pillar analysis report  * The fortune of the day * Lifetime Fate Map

* Fate Event * Lifetime Fate Cycle * Event Fate Cycle 


Goddess Chart- $70

 The mystery and power of 12 goddesses are revealed in this 45-page ground-breaking report helping you to discover your true potential. You can read about the mythology of 12 Greco-Roman Asteroid Goddesses as well as the interpretations of each in the sign and house of your birth chart.


The report contains:-

  • An Insightful Introduction to Goddess Mythology
  • The Mythology of each of the 12 Asteroid Goddess
  • Ceres - The Earth Mother in the houses + signs
  • Pallas Athene - The Wisdom of the Warrior in the houses + signs
  • Juno - Socialising the Soul in the houses + the signs
  • Vesta - The Inner Life in the houses + signs
  • Hygieia - The Soul of Health in the houses + signs
  • Ariadne - The Labyrinth of the Soul in the houses + signs
  • Europa - The Soul of the Earth in the houses + sign
  • Pandora - A Gift of Hope in the houses + signs
  • Mnemosyne - The Soul of Memory in the houses + signs
  • Hecate - The Soul in Transition in the houses + signs
  • Cassandra - The Prophetic Soul in the houses + signs
  • Medea - Herbalist and Healer in the houses + signs

Star“I think the Goddess report is brilliant. It serves to take a chart reading to a much deeper level than the conventional chart."

The Queensland Federation of Astrologers (QFA)

hold their meetings on the second Monday evening of each month. Each month there is one or two speakers offering information on a particular astrological topic and it’s great to meet other astrologically-minded folk and make new friends. Meetings are held at 7.30pm at the

Brisbane Theosophical Society Auditorium , 335 Wickham Tce, Spring Hill.


Visit   http://www.faainc.org.au/ for information about the Conference. As I’m on the organising committee, I can help you with any enquiries you might have about the Conference, or at the every least, point you in the direction of the right person to help you.



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