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           LipSense® Lips_Sparkly
Long Lasting,  Liquid Lip Colour... $34rrp
Lip Gloss $26rrp PLUS FREE CASE! $60
LipSense® is unique in that you can blend colours together for a one - of - a - kind custom colour.
LipSense® Semi-Permanent, Liquid Lip Colour Lasting 4-18 hours


  • Kiss proof, Smudge proof, Budge proof, Smear proof
  • Guaranteed not transfer while eating, drinking or kissing
  • 100% Sun block
  • Non-Dehydrating
  • Will not bleed into your lip lines
  • Not tested on animals (tested on us) 
  • No wax, therefore no internal ingestion
  • No lead (that is rumored to cause cancer)



LipSense® - Science behind the product
Consumers of SeneGence® products may feel entirely comfortable wearing all of our beautiful LipSense® colours knowing that they do not contain lead and our products are not ingested by the wearer, unlike other wax-based lip products. SeneGence® products do not contain, nor have they ever contained any amount of lead.
LipSense® liquid lip colours are offered in a wide variety of captivating shades, allowing for carefree beauty that lasts throughout your day! Use three layers of an individual shade or layer a combination to create your own signature colour.
Did you know that with three different colours of LipSense® you can create 27 different shades with the layering technique.
LipSense®  Because of the waxes and emulsifiers contained in most lip colours, they easily come off onto cups, clothes, teeth, and skin.
LipSense® is a liquid colour pigment that has no moisturisers or emulsifiers in it. Once three layers of the colour pigment is on and dry, it is then covered separately with one of our Moisturising Glosses, containing Shea Butter.
SeneGence® LipSense® Colour Chart



Classic Colours fireice125


As first time user of LipSens I recommend the initial LipSense® Set which consists of -
  • LipSense® colour of your choice
  • Lip Gloss of your choice
  • Ooops™ remover
  • FREE Lipsence case
  • For first time buyer set options
The LipSense® Guarantee - We guarantee
The claims we make about our products when they are used as a system. That is why LipSense® liquid lip colour is initially sold in set form to the first-time buyer.
Brides and Wedding Party
With the staying power that LipSense® offers, you will not have to think about your lipstick for the rest of the day.
Feel confident that you will have no smudges on you gown, loved one's, glasses or teeth!
Feel confident that your lip colour will still be there when your ready to go home!
Makeup Artists
Are you a Makeup Artist or in the Beauty Industry?
Interested in offering LipSense® to your clients?
LipSense® is a great way to boost your sales. Your Clients will love it and they will be back for more!
For comments and enquiries please use the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.
You will see a smoother lip surface if you exfoliate lips weekly with a soft toothbrush.
  • The lip area is most prone to environmental damage. With the LipSense® layering technique you have 100% protection from the harsh elements.
 60 Second Lip Lift 
No pain and lots of gain! Create fuller lips without using any injections or products that create a severe skin reaction in order to temporarily plump the lips. Let’s call it Correction without Injection and here's what you do.
Start by shading above the top of your lip-line with our MakeSense Blender with SenePlex Complex®. Follow that with a light covering of foundation. Not too much, less is more. Blend well. Then line your lips directly above the top of your lips to create the illusion of a higher arch and fill in with LipSense Liquid Lip Colour. If you are using a blue-based colour, you will also create the illusion of whiter-looking teeth.
Do you experience very dry, chaffed lips?
Lip Gloss $26
LipSense® is a botanical based semi permanent lip colour giving you 100% protection from the elements.
Most Department Store Lipsticks contain wax, resin or both. Wax and resin will create tiny lesions in your lips resulting in DRY, CHAFFED lips. This process will occur with ongoing lipstick use.
You can end dry chaffed lips, when you toss out all the old waxy lipsticks and make the switch to LipSense® semi permanent lip colour.
If you have very dry, dehydrated, flakey lips and a first time user of LipSense® allow approx. 2-3  days of exfoliation, your lips will be the best they have ever been and with continual use you will never experience dry, flakey lips again!
LipSense® is a lip stain with a very fine molecular structure. Once you apply your colour follow with your Shea Butter Gloss. The gloss penetrates your lip colour making the colour last longer and keeps your lips moist. The added bonus of course - is that it also offers a complete shield against the elements. (be it pollution or the damaging rays of the sun).
LipSense® eliminates touch ups or chaffed lips! At last, a semi permanent lip colour that lasts all day!  LipSense® semi permanent lip colour technology that is long lasting, water proof and won't dry your lips.
LipSense® is a non smearing, semi permanent lip colour. You can remove the colour when you remove your make up at night, or you may leave it on - waking up with still great looking lips in the morning!
LipSense®, the perfect lip colour choice for the woman on the go, the career woman or the homemaker of today
ALL DAY MAKEUP - Eye Shadows that stay put until you remove! 
SeneGence® delivers a range of high quality products all of which are concentrated formulations that offer great value for money.
NEW - LashExtend™SG_lashextend 
We've made longer, luscious lashes more affordable for every woman with...
 EyeSense™ LashExtend™
You don’t have to battle with false eyelashes or expensive extensions when you can naturally enhance your lashes at an affordable price. Our effective formula compares to other brands that retail for almost three times as much!
Grows Lashes 25% longer and fuller in only two weeks!
 Before and After
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

  • No Animal testing (we test on us)
  • No Animal by-products (we use alternative sources)
  • Naturally occuring natural ingredients
  • Made in pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility
  • Economical - Highly concentrated formulations that last longer and REALLY WORK!
  • Environmentally friendly - No individual product box packaging to help save trees (you just throw it away anyway!)
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