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Caring for the heart, body and soul since 1929

Pola is an exclusive Japanese cosmetics house, renowned for being specialists in advanced skin care and cosmetics. Awarded for product research and excellence, Pola is committed to helping you look and feel your best throughout your life.












P32 Light Pink

M32 Light Pink


P32 Light Pink P

P32 Light Pink (pink)

P32 (pink)

N53 Light Beige P

M53 Light Beige P

P54 Natural P

N53 Natural (pinkish)

N53 (pink)


N62 (yellowish)

B73 Light Ochre Y

M73 Light Ochre Y

P73 Medium Beige Y

B73 Natural (yellow)

B73 (yellow)


N62 (yellowish)

N64 Medium Beige P

M64 Medium Beige P

(Closest to S16)

M75 Tender Ochre Y

(Closest to P75)

P75 Dark Beige Y

N64 Medium (yellowish)

N64 (yellowish)

N44 Bisque Beige P

M45 Bisque Beige P

P45 Dark Natural

Slightly lighter P

N55 Dark Natural (Pinkish)

No match -Try N64

M75 Tender Ochre Y

Between S25 & S27

P75 Dark BeigeY

N64 Medium (yellowish)

No match – Try N64

B76 True Ochre

M85 True Ochre Y

No longer available

B76 Dark Natural (yellow) or B86 Ochre

B76 (yellow)

M87 Dark Ochre Y

Slightly darker

No longer available

B88 Dark Ochre

No match

No direct comparison


PARAFE (Deleted)







Water Resistant

Water Resistant

Water Resistant


Smooth Texture

Light Texture

Light Texture

Medium-Heavy Texture

More moist

More matte

Good Coverage but Natural Result


More coverage

Suited for more oily skin

Suited to both Normal & Oily skin

All Skin types, good for pigmentation/sun spots

Ivory compact

Dark Blue compact

Pink Compact

Blue Compact

14 grams

13 grams



Fits into Southern Call compact

Refills available separately

Refills available separately

Remove by pulling out refill

Remove by piercing bottom with a pin

Remove by pushing through bottom

Remove by pushing through bottom


Alphabet = Color Shade

P-Pink (Reddish) 30,

N-Natural (Medium) 40, 50, 60

B-Beige (Yellowish) 70, 80

Ten’s digit = Color Tone

The smaller the number, the pinkish the complexion. The larger the number, the yellowish the complexion.

One’s digit = Brightness

The smaller the number, the lighter the complexion. The larger the number, the deeper the complexion.

Light (Fair) 1, 2, 3

Normal (Medium) 4, 5

Dark (Healthy) 6, 7, 8

Selecting the right color for you at Somewhere Special is easy, with our expert advice and natural light.

NEW POLA Augha Two way Cake foundations



Please book in for a
Free Trial Make-up with fabulous new Pola Augha products.

 We are very excited about our new range of Augha Two way Cake foundations based on Pola’s Skin Revitalization Theory. 


GRAND PRIZE WINNER SCCJ (Society of Cosmetic Chemists Japan).  If you loved Southern Call or Multi Protect you will absolutely adore these foundations.


Any of you previous Multi Protect users will love this foundation. 

 Augha_Clear_BaseFine Clear Base $59
Smooths and brightens with the unique"vlue revitalixing fibres" to provide a flawless and long lasting foundation. Creates radiance and tranxlucency with continual hydration throuout the day.

 Augha_Colour_ControlControl Colour SP or LY $49
These correcting balms provide coverage to minimise pores and imperfections. Available in soft Purple (SP) to add radiance to dull, sallow skin and Light Yellow (LY) to correct redness or dark circles creating a smooth and even tone.

  Augha_Fine_PowderFine Powder Foundation $75
2-way compact foundation that creates a youthful skin texture, glides on smoothly for a semi-matte finish. Light reflecting fibres minimise lines and imperfections for a smooth, flawless finish. Suitable for all skin types.
CASE Fine Powder Foundation $15 
N.B. The Fine Powder Foundation will also fit into Whitissimo Case.
 Augha_Fine_PowderFine Creamy Foundation $75
The luxuious compact foundation is formulated for outstanding moisture and excellent coverage. Light reflecting fibers minimixe lines and imperfections leaving the skin dewy with a youthful translucence.
 CASE Fine Creamy Foundation $15


Whitissimo_Two_WaySPF 25

  •      Finer Pigments create a smooth natural coverage.
  •      Brighten, Protects, Moisturizers
  •      Helps control pigmentation and sun damage
  •      Oil sensor provides smudge free wear.

    Please come in and let me help you find the right colour for you.






 WHITISSIMO series has been newly improved. 
Selected ingredients in WHITISSIMO penetrate the skin and help to brighten and clarify the skin’s appearance with every application 
Each product will gently and rapidly lighten skin discoloration while blending natural skin tone for a radiant, flawless complexion.

Excellent for: Fair and normal skin types that wish to prevent freckles, discoloration and hyper-pigmentation.


  • Achillea Extrat: Prevent melanocyte activity to spread before reaching epidermis.
  • Sophora Root Extrat a, the Chinese herb: Powerful lightening agent that blocks meanocyteactivation. Melanocyte produces melanin to cause skin discoloration.
  • AP: Type of vitamin C that easily absorbs into the skin that lightens the melanin. AP is also known to improve skin's elasticity.
  • Exculeside: Prevents tyrosine and tyrosinase to bond.
  • Maximum coverage & SPF 20 PA++
  • Foundation is Water Proof-The UV protection stays at the same level even after getting wet.
  • SPF+ = Sun Protection Factor It is the level of UV-B protection which prevents sunburn.
  •       Refills available, including a new sponge.

    After applying Under Makeup Gel, spread the cake evenly on the entire face with the sponge.

    For a matte finish use the sponge dry. For a transparent finish use the sponge wet. When using with water wet sponge and squeeze tightly.

PA++ = Protection Grade of A It is the level of UV-A protection which prevents wrinkles and loss of elasticity.


Whitissimo_Makeup_BaseMAKEUP BASE $59

This primer includes brightening ingredients such as AG with “Daytime Skin-brightening”. It also helps skin hold up against sweat and sebum and prevents foundation from smudging, while it continues to brighten skin. The more you use, the brighter your skin will become.


Whitissimo_Two_WayTWO WAY CAKE REFILL $69 
COMPACT (Empty) $12

Award winning design case with UV sensor.

Resistant to strong sunlight, this is a long lasting foundation that will not smudge. Gives a fresh and fine textured finish while covering any blemishes with a single application. Selected brightening ingredients ensure the more you use it, the brighter your skin will appear. Water Proof. 

Whitissimo_Cream_FoundationLIQUID FOUNDATION $53

 This LIQUID FOUNDATION has a moisturizing texture similar to a brightening moisturizer, which is resistant to strong sunlight. The result is a dewy and radiant finish, which covers any blemishes with a single application. Each ingredient assists in brightening your skin’s appearance. Water Proof.

Whitissimo_Pressed_PowderPRESSED POWDER REFILL $47 

Gives a soft and translucent look while it helps to brighten you skin’s appearance. Repels sweat, absorbs excess sebum and lasts all day long. Use after applying LIQUID FOUNDATION or as a touch-up powder. Water Proof.




The Silfique Base Makeup range has been discontinued by

Pola Japan.

You can still purchase items in the range. Once the current supply has ended there will be no further stocks.

Avoid any delays and order your favourite items today to avoid disappointment.







For the younger skin or those that like a light coverage but still like the SPF protection and flawless look.

For combination and oily skin or those that like a light coverage but still like the SPF protection and flawless look. POLA’s exclusive ‘DERMA-REAL POWDER’ formulation will not only provide coverage, but visually control light to create an ideal skin texture.


Silfique_Powder_Foundation_2SILFIQUE POWDER FOUNDATION – Refill $59 rrp NOW$49

Stock available: P32  N55  B73  B86  B88
Compact $12 rrp NOW $6

Create a sophisticated soft-matte finish with SILFIQUE Powder Foundation. With superb coverage in a simple stroke, SILFIQUE Powder Foundation covers pores and fine lines without hiding skin’s natural look. The special formulation helps prevent skin from losing moisture while oil blocking powder sustains a fresh look.

 MAKEUP BASE II $52 rrp NOW $26
Give your foundation a perfect start with SILIFIQUE Makeup Base I.
Pores will become smooth, leading to a silky textured skin.the sheer pink shade will minimize dullness for a fadiant complexion. The astringent formula ensures longt-wear. Tailored for oily to dehydrated skin.

Create a flawless, naturzl finish SILIFIQUE POLA's base makeup line. POLA's exclusive 'DERMA-REAL POWDER formation will not only provide coveragte but wisually controllight to create an ideal skin texture. Skin will appear refined as ever before.

 Silfique_Loose_PowderSILFIQUE LOOSE POWDER - $59 rrp NOW $29.50

Create a luminous finish with SILFIQUE LOOSE POWDER. This enriched and fine-textured powder diffuses light creating a “soft-focus” effect. POLA’s exclusive ‘DERMA-REAL POWDER’ formulation will not only provide coverage, but visually control light to create an ideal skin texture. The ultra-smooth powder has a moist feel, but absorbs excess oil to maintain a fresh look.



Silfique_ConcealerSILFIQUE CONCEALER DUO $59rrp

The perfect concealer palette camouflages most skin imperfections. With a unique two-shade system, an orange colour is ideal for hiding dullness and beige to cover dark spots. Available in Light and Medium palettes.



Muselle_0000_Eye-ZoneMuselle Eye Zone Concealer  Price $65

EYE ZONE CONCEALER (1.8g) The ultimate aging-care concealer to correct dark circles as well as rejuvenate the eye area

  • Dual function of concealing shadows under the eyes and reducing the appearance of fine lines and light pigmentation
  • Eye Zone looks brighter
  • Formulated with 6 ingredients it leads to a bright and firm eye zone
  • Ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen for added moisture and nourishment around the eyes


  1.  Twist the bottom part of container to saturate the brush with concealer
  2.  Blend and use the brush to apply directly onto dark circles and freckles
  3.  Use the finger to gently smudge the edges of the applied concealer to blend with the skin

Exciting New Pola Products - MUSELLE

The name ‘Muselle’ is combination of ‘muse’ and ‘elegance’ and was inspired by the famous painting ‘Girl with the Pearl Earing.’ Try Muselle for flawless skin today.


Muselle_Eyeliner·        Black liquid eye liner with anti-ageing effects, smooths skin around the eyes and stretches sagging lash lines tight for younger looking eyes

·        Smudge-proof, resistant to sweat and quick drying.

·         Sakura extract supports growth of lashes.

·         So easy to apply with the fine tip and pen shape 
                                                                         Price $44



Muselle_spot_concealer·        Conceals dark spots, age spots, freckles and blends easily into skin

·         Developed under the concept of dermatological treatment

·        Sophora Root extract lighten spots, Lime Tree extract acts as an anti-inflammatory

·          Rich in moisturising ingredients

·          Thick cream has strong covering effect for spots

·          SPF  15                                                                       Price $45



EYE ZONE CONCEALER (1.8g) The ultimate aging-care concealer to correct dark circles as well as rejuvenate the eye area    Price $65


MUSELLE_EYE_CONCEALER·        Conceals dark shadows under the eyes and repairs fine lines in one easy step

·        Developed under the concept of botox, contains hyaluronic acid & collagen

·        Velvety essence moisturises the eye area, increases blood circulation and reduces puffiness

·         Pearl pigments brighten area adding a luminous glow and can be used as a highlighter

·          SPF 20


1.       Twist the bottom part of container to saturate the brush with concealer

2.       Blend and use the brush to apply directly onto dark circles and freckles

3.       Use the finger to gently smudge the edges of the applied concealer to blend with the skin




Day_ Day_Acne_Starter_SetDay_ Day_Acne_Starter_SetAcne_Range

The major cause of acne is over-secretion of sebum due to hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands. This is particularly true on the case of juvenile acne.

Hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands is not the single cause of acne. It may also be a side effect of drugs and medicines such as antibiotics or cortisone. Additionally, some acne may be occupational acne, aggravated by working condition such as continued exposure to petrol fumes, cooking fumes and heat combined with tobacco smoke. Stress may also be a major factor.


DAY + DAY Clean Wash $48 rrp

Cleans the skin thoroughly and controls excessive sebum. It also contains sterilising ingredients to prevent the growth of acne.

DAY + DAY Clean Lotion $48 rrp

Acne_faceIs a medicated lotion which kills germs, maintains skin freshness and prevents pimples. It is a compound of a number of powders which sterilise the skin’s surface, absorbs excessive liquid and keeps skin clean. The Ginseng Extract helps the formation of new skin cells.

DAY + DAY Acne Spots Dry $38 rrp Effectively, but gently, dries pimples and removes the keratin which block the sebum secreation.

DAY + DAY Acne Starter Kit $122 rrp Contains all three products.


Ask me for an Acne Consultation and Deep Cleanse!


GR SHOT S (Hair Tonic)  $75 NOW $65

The 3 effects:
* Promotes the growth of new healthy hair.
*Hair becomes thicker and more beautiful.
*Helps to prevent hair-loss.


GR Shot S Hair Tonic 6.7 fl. oz/200ml

Detailed Information

A hair growth formula that conditions and maintains healthy scalp resulting thicker and stronger hair.

How To Use

Apply twice a day after shampooing at night and before styling in the morning every day. Apply directly to your scalp, focusing on the areas of hair loss and massage scalp gently with fingertips. Scales on the back of the easy-to-use container tell you appropriate amount to use. One bottle (200 ml) can be used for about one and a half months (6-7 weeks). Appropriate amount per use should be 1 - 2 ml. There is no problem if you use more than the appropriate amount but it is more effective to use appropriate amount every day than to use big amounts at one time.



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