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Eye Lash Tint  $12 


Brow Tint  $10        


StarEye Lash and Brow Tint      $20


NEW Lash Recovery Serum $130

                                     Clinically Proven

Lash Recovery Serum is safe for use on both the upper and lower eyelashes. However, if you use Lash Recovery Serum on your lower eyelashes, we recommend that you are careful not to over-saturate the Lash Recovery Serum application brush, and to avoid direct contact with the eyes. Remember, you only need to apply a small amount of Lash Recovery Serum once daily to enhance the beauty of your natural eyelashes

Yes, you are able to apply it at the base of your lash extensions.

Apply similar to eyeliner, along the lash line at the base of your eyelash.

You should use Lash Recovery Serum daily for up to 6 weeks or until you are happy with the results; thereafter, 3-4 days a week to maintain the results.

Apply Lash Recovery Serum on all areas where you want thicker, fuller and longer eyebrows.

It will not add colour, but once the lashes grow thicker, they will appear glossier and darker.Priori_Lash_Eyes




Eyelash_Curler_HeatedHeated Lash Curler $22

It lifts and curls lashes with little effort. A perfect addition to your beauty accessories! 

 Long_Lash_GelLongLash and Brow Conditioning Gel $25

This lash conditioner is for both lashes and brows that are too short, weak, too thin, permed, tinted and damaged. It is also for those who would like to encourage their lashes and brows to grow longer and stronger. Lash conditioner limits their loss and promotes regrowth.

StarSPECIAL Lash Curler, Lash Conditioning Gel PLUS Lash Tint for $52

Eyelash Extensions 

 If you like long and fluttery—yet still realistic-looking—lashes, you need to try these
magnetic bbs that have a curved band (read: better fit) and varied lash length for a soft, natural-looking effect. Just place the upper strip on top of your lashes, and line up the bottom strip underneath your lashes until the magnets click together.

Fans of Lashes 

Each $2.50
Or Full Set $70

Usually 14 needed for each eye.

This gives you a lovely thick and lushious look!

False Lashes Ardell_Wispies
Because the eyes are the windows to the soul, we thought they deserved some extra glamorous options when it comes to lashes. 
Ardell_Demi__WispiesHigh quality eyelash styled and handcrafted using  European hair with the professional make up artist in mind.


 Ultra lashes provides the 'look' a faux lash can give.
 Perfect for that evening out or when Ardell_Unltra_Lashslooking glamorous is a must, these lashes are just what are needed to help create those super model lashes without the hastle of coats and coats of mascara. With a tube of lash adhesive, and easy-to-use applicator and a pair of lower lashes for added drama, you'll have everything you need to be runway ready!

For more classic black flares to glitter-encrusted lashes, please try Ardell ELEGANT EYES. Like Ardell Ultra lashes, these must-have accessories for eyes will instantly transform your look from ordinary, to extraordinary in seconds.




How Long is does it take to do?

We suggest allowing approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour.

·  Applied with special glue.
·  Curve can be deep, dramatic and lustrous look.
·  No need to mascara.
·  Available in different lengths S(8mm), M(10mm) L(12mm).
·  Color - Black.
·  Resistant to swimming, sauna, showering tears and sweat.
·  Longer, fuller lashes for women and men.
·  Excellent for work, weddings formals, photo shoots, 
   makeovers, television and everyday wear.
·  Semi permanent lasting up to 2 months of longer.
·  No operation, no pain, a very relaxing comfortable procedure.

their life span. The following points will help you maintain and extend the longevity of your Eyelash Extensions:

·  No need for a lash curler, they are already curled.
·  Don’t perm the eyelashes.
·  No need for mascara, but if you choose to, it must be removable with water or a water-based remover. Remove any mascara very gently without rubbing.
·  Avoid applying water to the eyelashes for at least 2 hours after the procedure.
·  Don’t steam your face; use a steam bath, swim or wash eyes with hot
   water for 2 days after treatment.
·  Avoid rubbing the eyes or fiddling with the lashes.
·  Don’t try to pull the lashes of if they are to long or crooked. 
   This will pull out your own lash as well. Trim the lashes at an angle.

Things you need to know.

Minor lash loss may occur within two weeks after the first application due to the natural cycle of lash growth. Our salon will replace any lashes lost during the first week of application, free of charge. By having infills and replacements through the natural lash cycle, you will be able to maintain healthy, comfortable, beautiful, gorgeous, natural eyelashes.

Lash PermingLash_Perming - $70 or $80 with EYELASH TINT 

Straight lashes look so much longer when they are curled! 

Approx. 35 min. or 45min. with Lash Tint.

You may tint the eyelashes straight after perming, except for sensitive eyes, it is recommended to do it the following day.

I use a lash conditioner after which can be purchased for $35 and used nightly at home. Great for lashes and eyebrow that are weak, too short or too thin or just to enhance and condition your lashes.

The lash conditioner treats the lashes and eyebrows that are too short, limits their loss, promotes their regrowth and protects the hair shaft .

CONTRA INDICATIONS: This treatment is not recommended for any client with any infectious or contagious eye disorders. DO NOT USE ON BROKEN SKIN!

Long courses of strong medication, e.g. valium, antibiotics or recent anaesthetic and early stages of pregnancy may inhibit the curling process.


Hovans%27s_Eyelash_EnhancerENHANCER $95

NO Drugs, NO Parabens, NO Petroleum products, NO Propylene Glycol.
Gentle, hypoallergenic formula.
Brand NEW NATURAL formula for spectacular eyelashes and eyebrows.

Apply at least twice a day on the upper and/or lower eyelid on the base of the eyelashes and/or eyebrows. Within 4-8 weeks, you will see a measurable difference and after 12 weeks, your own natural eyelashes will look longer, thicker, fuller and simply spectacular. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q. How do I apply Hovan's Heavenly Curls Eyelash Enhancer?
Apply at leasy twice daily to base of eyelashes and/or brows. Do not rub into lashes. May be used under mascara to plump lashes. If used under makeup, apply gel and let dry slightly. While still moist, apply mascara over the gel. The gel will act as a lash 'plumper'.

Q. What should I do if I experience some stinging on my lash line when applying the product?
This is most likely caused by the exfoliating action of the Apple, Lemon & Sugar Cane extracts. The sensation should diminish within a few minutes. If stinging persists and there is a redness & irritation, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Q. How long does it take to see results?
A. You will see an improvement in the 'plumping' of your eyelashes. Customers have reported an improvement from 4 - 8 weeks.

Q. What should I do if the gel gets into my eyes?

A. Normally, there is no irritation if the gel gets in the eyes. If irritation occurs, simply rinse with water. If irritation persists, consult your physician.

Q. Are there contraindications?

A. Hovan's Heavenly Curls Eyelash Enhancer should not be used on open wound or lesions or skin that is irritated or compromised in any way.

Q. What if I discontinue use of Heavnely Curls Eyelash Enhancer?
A. Your eyelashes and/or will continue to appear longer and fuller until the next growth cycle.

Q. What if I forget to apply Heavenly Curls Eyelash Enhancer?    
A. You will still get results, but a consistent regular routine will give you faster and better results.




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